Cochin, India

Cochin was a surprise of beauty and survival, wealth and poverty.  The first picture at dawn as we entered the harbor is of many ancient fishing rigs.  Each is a contraption of poles, nets, and a rope that lowers the net into the water along the shore.  Bait is thrown over the lowered net, and at the proper time, the net is raised with the rope, and the catch is suspended above the water in the net.  A trap door in the net allows a person to move a small boat under the door and the catch falls into the boat.  The magnificent highlight of the excursion was a boat tour in a canal that surrounds a large lake. The canal was where the natives lived, worked, ate, and washed their clothes, all without electricity?  The scenes were like no other place on earth.  Our canal ride delivered us to the Lake Palace Resort for lunch before our return trip home.  What a culture!


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