Dubai UAE: Day two

Day two in Dubai included a tour of the man-made Palm Tree Island, alleged to be one of the modern wonders of the world.  The structure is not visible from a bus, so a night view is posted of the island and the attached city.  A number of clouds are obstructing a clear view of the entire island.   A picture of the fronds is borrowed from Wikipedia.  Within a small mass of land is created many miles of beach within the Persian Sea.  In 2010 the island was almost completely developed, and a second Island Palm is under construction nearby.  We strayed close to the world’s tallest building which is complete, but, like many of the new structures in Dubai, it is only minimally occupied.  The locals do not work as a rule, but farm out most all actual work to foreigners imported to provide what services are needed.  All imported workers have conditional residence in Dubai, subject to the will of their local masters.   The mall was within a stones throw of the tallest building.


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