Galway to Killarney

The trip from Galway to Killarney passes along the vast “burren” hillsides.  These appear to be huge rock piles devoid of any soil required to support plant life.  Much of the lowlands of England, Scotland, and Ireland includes fields littered with small rocks and stones.  The quaint rock walls between fields which divide properties may come of necessity from removing rocks from the fields to uncover the soil.  Many fields on the east in Ireland appear to be rock free, lush and fertile for crops as needed.

In Killarney we toured two circles of peninsula before proceeding on to Cork.  The Killarney National Park tour was a ride in a horse drawn jaunting car through a former estate.  The horses endured the weather better than the tourists.  Killarney’s mall was the entryway to our horse drawn carriages, with no time for shopping.


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