Isle of Capri

The Isle of Capri etched a permanent groove in my brain from our first visit, which was before digital cameras.  We were on the top of the southern part of the island watching a wedding party.  Eventually we retired to a restaurant in the main square to eat.  The elegant open air dining area was overlooking the main square, while the restrooms were on the second floor.  After trudging up the stairs, I was accompanied into the men’s restroom by a female attendant.  As I performed my essential function at the urinals, I received a serenade by the attendant, who belted out an Italian ballad complete with lyrics I did not understand.  I worried whether this was an introduction of some kind to the romantic aura from the Isle of Capri, where one finds ones true love.  In old age it may be poetic to discover true love while visiting the urinals.  We also entered and exited the Blue Grotto, where we received no musical accompaniment.


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