Montreal: Around Town

Montreal breaks the mold among the larger cities in the world.  Built on an island in the middle of the St Laurence River, Montreal spends 9-10 months of the year in the frigid zone.  For this reason it made sense to build as much of the modern city as possible under ground.  The result is natives who live above ground most of the time, and many rarely go out into the bitter cold.  Montreal has built a massive underground world complete with shops and restaurants of all varieties.  Access to the underground is often through the same entrances as the Metro subway system, although many stores that rise above the surface also go three or four levels below ground.  It is a mall that stretches for 20 miles without the need to emerge above the surface.  Imagine that!!

The following pictures capture many of the street scenes, the old town, the underground, and a little of Montreal’s beauty.  Additional pages include the churches, an artsy museum, and the Botanical Gardens.  Speaking French would be a small advantage, but English is spoken almost everywhere by the friendly Canadians.


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