Rome is a pain to get to, and a pleasure to visit.  The coliseum, ancient ruins and catacombs are a must see to appreciate its history.  Today’s Rome includes the Vatican, and many special attractions like the Trevi Fountain of “Three Coins” fame, and the Spanish Steps.  These attractions are featured here.

An effort to see the fountain without the huge crowds offered a surprise in the early morning.  On arrival a small crowd was still there, but the water was missing.  It had been drained over night, and a number of workers in orange suits were gathering up the coins that had accumulated in the fountain during the previous day and night.  An armored truck and armed guards were stationed nearby guarding the contributions.  Collecting the coins is a daily chore.  The fountain has paid for itself many times over.

An ugly sidelight of European travel is the need to constantly monitor the pick-pockets and petty crooks who inhabit the streets and businesses of most all cities.  Our recent visit produced a novel experience entitled Theft at McDonalds near the Spanish Steps.  The balance of Rome was a pleasure.


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