Savannah, Georgia

During the past 20 years or so, Savannah has graduated from a classic, old Southern city to a fully developed historic site with all the trappings that appeal to visitors.  A brief two-day visit in September 2015 was only a teaser encouraging us to add another 3-4 day visit in the Spring.  A pedestrian mall was added to the historic district since we visited a decade or so ago.  Finding comfortable parking nearby was not possible because of the crowd.

Savannah’s historic district from the river walk south is designed around 23 squares inserted among its intersections.  Each square is surrounded by historic buildings, statues, plantings, ancient oak trees and admirers.  The river walk offers a collection of warehouses turned into hotels, restaurants, guest attractions and commercial river traffic.  Across the river to the north is the Savannah Convention Center and the Westin Savannah.  A recent addition to the riverfront hotels is the Cotton Sail Hotel, a converted warehouse with a rooftop bar and viewpoint of the river north and the historic district to the south.


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