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This is the catch-all category which may contain any number of priceless gems. Each title offers a thumbnail sketch of its contents.

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Holy Hobbits: Or not!! When two huge discoveries are unearthed while waiting for breakfast at the Funky Pelican – they both startle the imagination and are documented here in pictures.
Breakfast at the Funky Pelican This started out like any other early morning breakfast at the Funky Pellican.  Eating outside offered a rare opportunity to take a series of outstanding close-up pictures of a single grackle sitting on the rail nearby.
Incomparable beauty Imagine a sunrise that qualifies for a page of its own – and is well worth the space.
Florida birds plus A small sample of wild life pictures is presented from Blue Springs – Shark Valley – and the Everglades includes manatees – turtles – alligators – and birds.
Squirrels This is a nice collection of squirrel pictures from Florida to New Jersey.
Shock on Cypress Two frightening experiences follow multitasking while driving a golf cart on a local course.
Peach Valley's pumpkins When Halloween arrives at the Peach Valley Restaurant in Ormond Beach – the staff entertains all the customers by wearing the customary costumes.
How to create a monster When the death of an older sister is beyond the mourning stage – an innocent word or two creates a monster in an otherwise normally peaceful companion.
Missouri's Jack the Ripper When dogs are disappearing all over Columbia Missouri – the culprit is eventually discovered manning a research facility at the medical center.
Anxiety city When older folks travel – a serious concern is whether all the required documents needed for the trip are in your possession. Anxiety city is one of those instances when you have already arrived at the departure airport.
Wild things Just a few of the wild things that appear behind our home on the Cypress Course in Palm Coast.
Sandhill Cranes These huge and magnificent birds were photographed south of Orlando and in northeast Florida's Palm Coast. The very mild climate changes allow these birds to become year-round residents.
Back yard creatures When a hawk is seen sitting on our weather vane eagle I rush to get my camera.  As soon as I an ready to take his picture a second hawk is sitting on the other wing. That makes two hawks and an eagle on T-box #4 out of my office window.
Surprise in San Mateo When an 1890's Presbyterian Church in a small town decides to serve the community – both the church and the community take the opportunity literally.
Azamara's Quest On a transitional cruise from Singapore to Athens we were introduced to an outstanding pair of smaller ships designed for luxury.  Even a Fire aboard the Quest on our next cruise could not impair our loyalty.
Celebrity's Eclipse In addition to pictures of Celebrity's megaship – an orientation is provided for all landlubbers who most assuredly will get lost on their first cruise.
Celebrity's Midnight Madness While the mega-ships are marvelous – the usual midnight madness is an extravagance with outstanding visual properties. See them here.
Kids young and old This collection of kids pictures from here and there includes a series of mama's little helper – a 3-year girl who entertains herself while her mother sells goods to tourists.

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