On the Yangtze: China’s Workers

Four days on the Yangtze River in China produced several surprises.  The construction of the Three Gorges Dam is now complete, but years of preparation, dislocation and relocation were involved.  One surprise was the task of tiling the river banks, and the heavy use of manual labor to complete the task.  This is shown clearly in Yangtze River: Below the Dam.  A far different assortment of work may be seen along the river banks and cities on Yangtze River: Above the Dam. A few are related to relocation, but most are the every day activities of producing a living.  A few of the scenes give the impression that survival is a daily effort.  We have all heard the stories of the starving Chinese.  Given such industrious folks, it is clear those stories are badly exaggerated.  Hard work is the engine of every country’s growth and prosperity.


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